Eyes on the Prize

Strengthen Your Vision

Your sense of sight is your window to the world. Through your eyes you experience almost half the information your brain needs to understand your environment. Age and eye strain can create tension and weaken your vision. We often take our eyes for granted, but they need daily care (just like your teeth) to keep on providing you with service for years to come.

Here are some great yogic tips to give your eyes a boost: For a simple eye strain remedy, take an hourly computer break and splash your eyes with some cold water. Nutritionally, enjoy a handful of blanched almonds to take advantage of the Vitamin E that nutritionists believe is important for eye health. Or try this juice combo Yogi Bhajan gave for the eyes: Mix 6 oz. carrot juice with 6 oz. celery juice, 2 oz. endive juice and 2 oz. parsley juice. Enjoy this drink along with this yoga set for strengthening your inner and outer vision.

Meditation for Inner and Outer Vision Meditation for Inner and Outer Vision (99 KB)

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