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We all want to be relaxed, happy and energetic, to be peaceful within, no matter the hectic, over-stimulation of the present day. That's where Yogamint comes in with short, sweet and deliciously useful bits of information, home delivered twice weekly to each subscriber's inbox. Our focus is on sharing the living art of yoga as well as nurturing the manifestation of union in all that we do.

The folks at Yogamint have been immersed in a healthy, yogic lifestyle, teaching and serving others for a collective 83 years. We understand that what's in our breakfast bowls, coursing through our headphones and in the stuffing of the mattress we fall asleep on at night, can either degrade or enhance our quality of life. We're sure you feel the same way or you wouldn't be reading this.

Yogamint would love to get the good word out about your products, services, events, whatever it is you're passionate to share with the international community of Yogaminters. For more info on ad packages and rates, download the Yogamint Ad Kit and then give us a call to discuss what's the best fit for you and your advertising objectives. Peace.

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